Custom Solid Back

Our backs are fabricated out of 1/2” plywood and laminated on both the front and back faces with 1/8” black ABS plastic. The backs are permanently attached to the wheelchair backposts making them non-removable and the wheelchairs to be non-folding. Our bracket system can clamp to 3/4”, 7/8 or 1” diameter backpost tubing. The hardware system we use is extremely strong. All attaching bolts are grade five or above and are fastened with nylock nuts that will not loosen and will not fall off. There are no tee nuts or slide nuts to allow the bolts to loosen for structural back attachments. The extruded structural 90 degree angles we use will not bend. The structures are cut from a 25' bar that was fabricated from the mill at 90 degrees. The angles we use have never broken or bent out of position. The angles attach to the solid back with 2 bolts and nylock nuts per angle. The angles are slotted to allow for excessive width tolerances from the wheelchair manufacturers. The angles are attached to the wheelchair backposts with heavy duty steel clips that are vinyl coated to prevent backpost damage. The clips completely encircle the backposts and lock to the 90 degree structural angles behind the posts with bolts and nylock nuts. There is no depth adjustment.  

For tilt in space wheelchairs and wheelchairs with 1” OD stroller handle backposts, the solid backs are mounted in front of the posts. The backs are the same width as the wheelchairs. For all other wheelchairs, the solid backs are mounted between the backposts. For backs between the posts, the back width is the wheelchair width less the diameter of the left & right back posts minus 7/8”. All backs have 1” foam and are covered in black vinyl that is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. The covering is attached with (4) bolts and easy to remove or replace, making cleaning simple. This is the most hygienic system you can purchase.

Lateral supports can be added to any back. The supports mount in front of the solid back and are fastened with accessible bolts and lock nuts. The back has a vertical line of holes spaced one inch apart.

When you give us the chest width and axilla height, we will set the width spacing of the vertical line of holes for the lateral trunk supports.

In our systems, the lateral trunk supports mount in front of our solid backs behind the back foam. This makes all adjustments for width and height of the lateral supports easy.

All backs have a back pad that is rectangular in shape. 1) for backs with lateral trunk supports the back pad is 2” wider than the users chest width and the height is what you specify. 2) for backs without lateral trunk supports the back pad is 2” less than the width of the solid back and the height is what you specify.   All backs are designed to sit on top of a seat cushion.

Solid back larger then 20 wide x 24 high need to call for quote.

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$880.00 Any solid back up to 20" wide x 24" high
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Select Options:
1" memory foam in lieu of standard foam
Height of back from top of seat cushion at its lowest rear center section 
Width of back between posts 
Width of back in front of posts 
Height of lateral supports from top of seat cushion at its lowest rear center section 
Chest width 
Model number 
Serial number 
Arm style
Backpost height from top of seat rail 
Backpost Diameter at Top 
Backpost Diameter at bottom 
Is backpost telescoping:
If yes, diameter of side frame member is needed
Include height of side frame member backposts telescoping into frame top of seat rail
Does backposts have a horizontal tube reinforcement connecting the left & right backposts?
If yes, height of horizontal tube at top from top of seat rail
If there is a backpost bend, specify height from top of seat rail
Approximate degree of bend

Crosley Medical Products provides innovative seating and positioning chairs for children and young adults who are neurologically impaired or developmentally disabled. These positioning chairs and their various attachments provide for years of growth as the child increases in size and weight. Crosley Medical Products is here to help all of those who may be afflicted by Developmental Delay, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Intellectual Disability, Spina Bifida and Rhett’s Syndrome with our infinite positioning chairs for maximum comfort and reliability.


For backs – the following information is needed:

Wheelchair manufacturer:

Wheelchair model & number:

Serial number:

Frame width from lateral side seat rail to lateral side seat rail:

Seat depth from front of backposts:

Seat rail diameter:

Backpost diameter:

Backpost height from top of set rail to top of push handle:

If backpost bend of 8° or 10° present, from top of seat rail to middle of bend:

All attaching clips are ¾” wide.

When specifying the position of the clips for rail attachment, make sure from the center
of the clip there is 1” of space in the front of the clip and 1” of space in the rear of the clip, so
the clips can be attached to the seat rail without interference. See diagram below.