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The Aluminum Tilt in Space Positioning Chair is a stable unit made for neurologically impaired, special needs developmentally disabled children. It allows for years of growth as the child increases in size and weight. It provides full trunk and head support when symmetrical upright sitting against gravity cannot be achieved independently.

It allows for Hypertonia Positioning Chairs dependent positioning back into gravity through infinite tilt positions. External supports help maintain erect sit posture when balance and righting reactions are deficient. It is made for long term use. The base and seat tubing are powder coated in a pleasant cream color. The laminated black plastic adheres to 9 layer plywood for the seat, back and footplate. The vinyl covered cushions are removable and easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild cleaner. The plastic is cleaned with a damp cloth. Seat height allows caretaker to feed the dependent child while sitting next to them. A removable abduction wedge can be added at the knees to promote a wide base of support for the trunk at the lower extremities. A lapover chest harness helps provide additional trunk support for forward leaning. A Polyethylene opaque lapboard allows for independent functional hand use in activity or play. It attaches to the arm pads on the chair.

This chair allows for 50 degrees of tilt back in space into a gravity assisted position. The tilt feature in this chair is infinite up to 50 degrees off the horizontal. It is foot activated with no cables or triggers to break. The infinite positioning allows for children with Developmental Delay, Cerebral Palsy CP, Muscular Dystrophy MD, Intellectual Disability, Spina Bifida, Rhett’s Syndrome, etc to be positioned at infinite positons of tilt to allow for a symmetrical upright sitting posture to be achieved. Maintaining upright symmetrical sit postures will help normalize spastic-hypertonic, low tone-hypotonic musculature which can influence spinal symmetry creating scoliosis – lateral curvature of the spine and kyphosis – upper thoracic ( C ) anterior curving of the spine.

Using stable, supportive seating and positioning devices such as head supports, lateral trunk supports, pelvic supports added to this home/school chair will allow our wheeled chair to become an integral part of the child’s therapeutic program to learn to achieve independent sitting control for the next developmental milestone.

Positioning chairs for Developmental Delay, Cerebral Palsy (CP), Athetoid Cerebral Palsy (ADCP), Muscular Dystrophy (MD), Intellectual Disability, Spina Bifida and  Rhett’s Syndrome patients.

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Crosley Medical Products manufactures custom positioning chairs and chairs for special needs children.  Our website does not include our entire inventory.  If you are looking for a special needs chair, please give us a call and provide us your specifications.  Our engineering staff will be happy to review your specs and we can provide you with follow-up information.

Providing Special Needs Chairs For Early Intervention

Crosley Medical Products provides special needs chairs for early intervention. Our commitment to excellent customer service allows us to provide you with the most durable and highest quality products. We understand all your needs to let your loved one live as comfortably as possible. Our team of medical product experts will help you find the perfect chair for your lifestyle. Our website does not include our entire inventory. If you are looking for special needs chairs, please give us a call and provide us your specifications. Our staff is glad to help you find the most useful chair for any living situation.

Our special needs chairs for early intervention are sure to satisfy all living and transportation needs. Their high quality and durable design allows users to be comfortable and mobile so they may enjoy their lives to the fullest. If you need more information on any of our products, please call us today at (631) 595-2547.