Custom Solid Seat Bases for Wheelchairs

The solid seat bases are made out of 9 layer plywood with laminated 1/8” black ABS plastic on top and bottom. For standard non folding or cross bar folding wheelchair, the solid seat base can be fixed to the top of the seat rails with 3/16 structural Aluminum 90 degree angles that are width adjustable and steel clips that attach to the seat rails. This makes the wheelchair non-folding. 

Available is a drop hook seat that fits between the seat rails with 3/16 steel drop hooks that are welded to structural 3/16 90 degree steel angle. The drop hooks have a hole on top of the hook that allows the hook to be bolted to the seat rail through an existing upholstery hole or new hole in the rail if necessary. The hooks are width adjustable to the solid seat and depth adjustable along an Aluminum extrusion that captures the head of a carriage bolt that is fastened in place with a lock nut, instead of an industry standard sliding nut that loosens and falls apart. The drop from the top of the seat rail is 1”. The drop hooks are extremely strong. Once attached to the seat rail, the wheelchair becomes non-folding. Cutouts are made in the solid seat base to prevent cross bar interference when dropping the seat between the rails. 

Industry standard seat cushions can be used with all of our solid seat bases. Available upon request are hybrid vinyl covered seat cushions with soft memory foam combined with polyurethane foam. 

Hip guides can be added to any solid seat base with no drop between the seat rail. The hip guide brackets mount on top of the solid seat bases.

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Crosley Medical Products manufactures custom solid wheelchair seat bases and for special needs children and adults.  Our website does not include our entire inventory. If you are looking for a custom solid wheelchair seat base or another custom seat for wheelchairs, please give us a call and provide us your specifications.  Our engineering staff will be happy to review your specs and we can provide you with follow-up information.