Early Intervention Roadster Tilt In Space Positioning Chair


The Early Intervention Roadster Tilt in Space Positioning Chair is a unique innovative design made for children who lack trunk, head and extremity control. It has a stable heavy duty base to resist tipping. It is cosmetically appealing to the eye and made to last for years of repeated use. Cleaning is easy with a damp cloth and mild cleaner for the plastic lamination and vinyl coverings. It is adjustable for growth. External supports at head, trunk and hips promote upright symmetrical sitting into and against gravity depending upon amount of tilt used. The vinyl covered red suede like cushions are removeable for easy cleaning. It is made for school or in home use.

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Crosley Medical Products provides innovative seating and positioning chairs for children and young adults who are neurologically impaired or developmentally disabled. These positioning chairs and their various attachments provide for years of growth as the child increases in size and weight. Crosley Medical Products is here to help all of those who may be afflicted by Developmental Delay, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Intellectual Disability, Spina Bifida and Rhett’s Syndrome with our infinite positioning chairs for maximum comfort and reliability.


Sizes available:

●Seat depth adjusts

from 6½” to 10½”

●Seat width adjusts from 7½” to 12½”

●Footplate to top of seat cushion 5½” to 12½”

●Back height adjustable from 11” to 13”

●Arm height 7½” from top of seat and tilt adjustable

●Chest width from 7” to 11”

●Depth of lateral trunk supports 5”

●Tilt in space 7 degrees to 22 degrees

●Seat/back angle 97°

●Foot plate depth adjustment 5½”

●Hip guides 3½” high x 8” deep

●Headrest height adjustable 6” and depth adjustable 2½”

●Lateral trunk support height 7” to 8½” without adjusting back       height, add 2¼” to both when adjusting back up to maximum.

Standard features:

●Base size 36” long by 24½” wide fabricated in steel with (4) locking wheels

●Entire chair is fabricated in 9 layer plywood with laminated plastic for easy cleaning

●Solid back, seat with cushions included, adjusts in size

●One piece footplate height & depth adjustable

●Seat height adjusts through frame 2”

●Beyond & below headrest that is height & depth adjustable

●Lateral trunk supports that are height & width adjustable

●1½” push button seat belt is included

●Arm height is adjustable in angle

●Hip guides that are width adjustable

●For children 31-45” tall

Optional accessories:

  • #RTSPC-abd   
vertically removable trapezoid abduction wedge 4” wide in front, tapered to 3” wide in rear, 4”
 high x 5” deep
  • RTSPC-harn 

          lapover chest strap harness with suspenders, hook/loop closure & plastic

  • RTSPC-lap

           Clear Polycarbonate lapboard with slide mounts & cutout.width adjustable 9”

           to 13”, depth 7½” to 9½”


The chair is fabricated out of furniture grade ½” plywood laminated to plastic on the top and bottom. The vinyl covered seat and back cushions are removable and easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild cleaner. The base has (4) sturdy locking wheels. The seat height on the unit, allows a caretaker to feed the dependent child while sitting next to them.   A removable abduction wedge can be added at the knees to promote a wide base of support for the trunk at the lower extremities. A lapover chest harness helps provide additional trunk support to control forward leaning. A clear polycarbonate lapboard allows for independent functional hand use in activity or play. It attaches to the arm pads on the chair.

The chair allows for 22 degrees of infinite tilt back in space into a gravity assisted position. The tilt position starts at 5 degrees off the horizontal. This unit is used for children in an Early Intervention program at home or in a school setting. Special needs children with Developmental Delay, Learning Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disability and sitting balance deficits are appropriate for this chair in a therapeutic program. Utilizing head supports, lateral trunk supports, pelvic supports with a solid seat and back will help maintain an upright symmetrical sit posture into a gravity assisted position. This will aid in the prevention of scoliosis when there is impaired muscle control and influence of abnormal reflexes. 

To order call Crosley Medical Products Inc. at (631) 595-2547, fax (631) 595-1732 or email