Pelvic Tube, custom

● Comes as a complete assembly which includes the padded tube, (2) multi hole Aluminum pelvic plates, (2) hip guide pads, (2) hip guide brackets.

● This assembly bolts to a solid seat which is not included.

● The tube engages to the pelvic plates in a single hole with a spring loaded button.

● The padded tube is adjustable in height through the plates and adjustable in depth through the holes in the hip guides.

● Pelvic tube is made to control spastic hip extension movements caused by abnormal brain reflexes. It will help keep the hips flexed for upright sit postures.  The structure is heavily padded to minimize any excessive pressure over the proximal femurs.  Use this structure when a seat belt does not control individuals extensor thrust. The thickness of the roll of foam diameter contacting the femurs is 4”. The diameter of the roll of foam at the abdomen is 2”. The overall length of foam over the bar is determined by the individual’s seat width using a caliper.  The length of foam over each proximal femur is determined by the width of the leg at the groin using a caliper.  The length of the foam at the abdomen section is:  left proximal femur leg width plus right proximal femur leg width subtracted from the patient’s overall hip width = length of abdominal foam.

● In this application the hip guides must be parallel to each other and not wedged.

$585.00 /Each.
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Select Options:
Seat width 
Width of leg at the groin (Left) 
Width of leg at the groin (Right) 
Length of foam at patient’s abdomen 
Outside width of wheelchair frame 

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To determine the overall length of the tube:

Left hip guide width = 2”

Right hip guide width = 2”

Individual seat width = your measurement with caliper at the hips

Extra tube length plus 3” 


 Equals total length of tube                      

Facts to remember:

 A   Overall width of hip guides ( + ) pelvic plates ( + ) patient’s seat width cannot exceed overall

      wheelchair frame width.

B.  Arms on wheelchair must be adjustable height and removeable.

C.  There must be enough clearance between bottom of top section of the arm tube holding  

      arm pad and any vertical arm section holding the arm tube to remove pelvic tube or this

      system will not work.

D.  There is only 1” width adjustment of the hip guides in this system. The pelvic tube is not

      length adjustable. Any width adjustment exceeding 1” will require a longer padded tube.

E.  This system is used to control extensor thrust reactions of individuals in wheelchair.  It is not

      intended to be used as a safety device to keep an individual seated in their wheelchair in any

      moving vehicle. Use only transit approved devices for this application.

F.   Must use a seat belt with a buckle on the lateral side of the leg to ensure the users safety in

      their wheelchair. It is supplied with this system. The padded tube does not replace a user’s  

      seat belt.