Headrest pad extra deep, beyond & below extended on patient’s
right side.

● Headrest pads provide posterior head support, prevent lateral neck flexion to one side and head entrapment to either the extended right or left sides.

● The headrest system must be used with a shoulder harness system to retract the scapula’s to maintain upright sit postures to control kyphosis and scoliosis spine positioning.

● Use with dual post headrest system.

● Covering is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial Urethane face.

● Covering is easily cleaned and resists cracking due to oily skin and hair.

$326.00 /Each.
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Crosley Medical Products provides innovative seating and positioning chairs for children and young adults who are neurologically impaired or developmentally disabled. These positioning chairs and their various attachments provide for years of growth as the child increases in size and weight. Crosley Medical Products is here to help all of those who may be afflicted by Developmental Delay, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Intellectual Disability, Spina Bifida and Rhett’s Syndrome with our infinite positioning chairs for maximum comfort and reliability.


Crosley Medical Products manufactures custom headrest systems for disabled children and adults.  Our website does not include our entire inventory.  If you are looking for specific headrest systems for disabled children and adults, please give us a call and provide us your specifications.  Our engineering staff will be happy to review your specs and we can provide you with follow-up information. 

● Easily cleaned with damp cloth and cleaner.

● Base cover are not removable.

● Comes standard with removable Polar Fleece headrest cover.

(A)  Height 5”

(B)  Depth 7”

(C)  Width 9½”

(D)  Extended height 9”